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I created this memorial site to remember my dearest daughter, the youngest of the Fink family, Bella Carol Michelle Fink, known as Bella Fink. Bella was born on February 16th 2014 and passed away on June 3rd 2014 of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Bella was only 3 months and 18 days when she passed. Bella's older sisters are Carol Addison Fink and Justine Bailey Fink. Justine is living a healthy childhood, and Carol passed away of Malaria on March 10th 2014, at 3 and 7 months. Carol's story is viral, and everybody knows who she is on the internet. Bella had light brown hair and grey-blue eyes. Her hair was like Carol's. Bella was nicknamed Bell. There is no "e" at the end because she was the bell that dung when we were happy!

Bella was a bright and beautiful baby girl. She loved to sleep. She also liked soothers and blankets. Bella would often be sleeping, and wouldn't wake up when she was supposed to. As a mother, this worried me deeply, that one day she wouldn't wake up. That day finally came..

Despite Bella being a little baby, she had her own personality. Bella was very shy and hid her face from people. All that Bella wanted was me, Woody (her dad), or Justine, her big sister. Bella never met Carol Addison Fink, but now they play in Heaven together.

Bella's Story


This is Bell's story created by YouTube video maker, twilightangel05.

Bella's Legacy

Bella's death brought one bright thing. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has effected over a million babies in America. Bella's death says this, We never know when SIDS will strike a baby, so Bella has some regulations.

When you put your baby to sleep, make sure that he/she isn't on their stomach because that will crush their breathing system, and it will stop working properly, and kill the baby instantly. Try leaning the baby on their side, that works best. On their back can cause them to not be able to move and they'll stress out.

Rest in Peace Bella Carol Michelle Fink.

(February 16th 2014-June 3rd 2014)



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